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Eospherus- enhancement shaman application

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Eospherus- enhancement shaman application

Postby Eospherus » Fri Jan 23, 2015 9:54 am

Personal Details
Your name: Patryk
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Nationality: Polish
Occupation: student
Hobbies / interests: my biggest interest would be fantasy generally, books, movies, games, i also did some RPG sessions which i really liked, apart from that i'm quite into mythology and history. When it comes to other activities before i started my studies i played basketball a lot which now i do only occasionally, also i'm playing tennis casually. I did a bit of herbalism too and like to experiment with making various flavour enhancements for vodka :)

Character Details
Character Name: Eospherus
Race: troll
Class/Role: Enhancement shaman, dps
Current Professions: Skinning and leatherworking
Viable Secondary Specs (Specs you are geared and experienced in): I'm just geared in enh, trying to get some resto gear but still, last time i healed with shaman was in wotlk and i suppose haste+chain heal spam won't work anymore :D
Your armory link: BEHOLD! ... rus/simple

Previous Experience
Detail your raiding experience (expansions, tiers, bosses)- raided uldu, toc and icc in wotlk, also first tier of cata(all normal difficulties- was too young then for serious raiding i guess)
Are you able to provide any logs (World of Logs, Warcraft Logs)?- never used those websites so not really :/
Please give some info on your previous Guilds- Can't remember much details about Wotlk and cata guilds, my last one in WoD was Brothers of Blood, mainly friends playing
What was your reason for leaving them? Those in wotlk and cata i left cause i was quitting wow atm i guess, the last one i left cause our raiding group was disbanded due to lack of active raiders
How long overall have you been playing? Well, i was playing on private servers since wow came out but when it comes to official servers i started with the realease of wrath, with some breaks in between of course
Do you also play any alts at a high level? nah, i have some which i level when i'm bored but they're rather insignificant

Raiding Info
Our raid hours are Wednesday, Tuesday and Sunday at 20.00 - 00:00 (GMT+1)
Do you have a microphone and access to Teamspeak 3? yep
Are you able / confident in English to participate on vent? sure, no problem with that
Will you keep up with consumables i.e. flasks/gems/enchants? aye
How do you feel about raid rotation / reserve status? Due to the nature of my studies i don't think i'll be able to attend 100% raids anyways and even if i would sometimes you need certain classes/specs to succeed, i'm ok with that
We may ask you to play a secondary spec at times if need due to the small nature of the guild. Are you ok with this? Well, since my resto spec is quite a distant future i'd prefer not to :)

Additional Information
Tell us why you play WoW. I started as a kid really, i was hooked on it cause i played warcraft games before and really liked the lore, that's what i play it for mainly i guess
What sources do you use to keep up to date with WoW? I check wowhead from time to time
How far along Khadgar's quest chain are you? Need about 30 more abrogator stones at the moment
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Re: Eospherus- enhancement shaman application

Postby Asgard » Sun Jan 25, 2015 12:16 am

Hi again

Thanks for making the application. As you've already had an invite, look forward to seeing you in raids.

Application accepted
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