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WoD App - Jofrey Warrior

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WoD App - Jofrey Warrior

Postby Joffrey » Thu Oct 30, 2014 11:14 pm

Personal Details
Name: Jon
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Nationality: British
Occupation: Teacher
Hobbies: Gaming, Drinking

Character details

Previous Experience
So I have not raided properly in MoP or Cata. I enjoy wow but work has come first for the last few years, however work has become more manageable and I really want to get back into raiding. Lyle has talked to me about your raiding schedule and how you get to progress in a meaningful way but also balance it with life, I can commit to at least three days a week and like the more mature attitude you guys seem to have.

Previous raiding experience:
Wow Classic: I joined a newly formed guild with some players I had done 5 mans with, we progressed quickly through ZG and by the time we started MC I was healing officer and we progressed quickly though that too killing Onyixia and Razorgore before the guild went inactive and collapsed over the summer. Several of us moved to another guild and cleared BWL, AQ40 up to the Twins and a boss of Naxx before TBC came out. Throughout this expansion I was playing holy paladin.

The Burning Crusade: Me and a few others reformed our original classic guild and recruited some new people setting up two teams for Kara (I lead one) and progressed though Gruuls Layer and Mag. The guild then restructured, refocused the roster and I was part of a team of three leaders who took the guild to a more hardcore style of raiding. We quickly progressed through SSC (although Vashj was a nightmare) and TK moving into Hyjal and BT. We continued to progress fast and were in the top 5 guilds on the server by the start of Sunwell. Throughout this time I was playing very hardcore, we would raid 6 days a week from 7 until sometimes as late as 3. I was playing Prot warrior, DPS warrior and Holy paladin swapping as the raid needed it whilst leading the healing every raid and intermittently raid leading. The guild struggled at the start of sunwell but by the time we got to Muru we were 2nd on the server (1st was Method so we were doing pretty well). Unfortunately like so many guilds at the time Muru was a brick wall and we stopped raiding just before the sunwell nerfs to take a break before the new expansion.

Wrath: I rerolled horde (warrior number two) at the start of this expansion as a few to join IRL buddies where playing horde but my buddies lost interest quickly and I quickly was drawn back to my old Alliance guild (Paladin/Warrior/Warlock). We did all the tricky Naxx achievements and were ready for Uldar when it came out, a moth or so into Uldar I had to take a break (can’t remember why) but came back for some of the Uldar heroic modes and TOC. We got a server first for Immortal TOC10 heroic but shortly after my time for raiding dropped and although I have dabbled from time to time I have not raided seriously since.

MoP & Cata: Nothing significant (LFR)

Although my raiding experience is dated I have raided at a high end on multiple characters in the past.

Character Details:
Character name Jofrey (Warrior) although I can play Priest instead if that is more needed.
Race: Troll
Role: DPS although happy to off tank as needed.
Prof: Mining/Blacksmiths

Rading Info:
Yes/fine to all

Addition Information
Why I play: Raid progression
What sources do I use: Its been a while since I raided so these may no longer be right but I used to use Elitist Jerks & Tanks Spot mostly.
Symbiosis: n/a
Wrathion Quest: I think I got the gem on one or two Characters
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Re: WoD App - Jofrey Warrior

Postby Asgard » Sat Nov 08, 2014 9:57 pm

As previously discussed, accepted on your death knight.
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