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[WoD apply] Softijsje - Druid(any spec)

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[WoD apply] Softijsje - Druid(any spec)

Postby Softijsje » Sun Sep 07, 2014 6:47 pm

Hello everyone,

I'm applying to be a social right now and be a raider in WoD.
My last guild broke up and i've had a break after that.
I don't feel like raiding Siege anymore(content is way to long).
I want to look forward to the future so that's why i want to apply to u guys to raid together in WoD.

Personal Details:
Your name: Danny
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Nationality: Netherlands
Occupation: I'm available when u want me to.
Hobbies / interests:

Character Details:
Character Name: Softijsje
Race: Tauren
Class/Role: Druid, Anything the guild needs, ATM i got Feral DPS as MS.
Current Professions: Alchemy/Enchanting
Viable Secondary Specs (Specs you are geared and experienced in): Got gear/xp for all specs.
Your armory link: ... e/advanced

Previous Experience:

Detail your raiding experience (expansions, tiers, bosses):
I'm raiding since vanilla, did every raid/tier.

Are you able to provide any World of Logs records?
Last time i've raided is some time ago so i don't really have any recent logs.
U can check up this link for some the old ones:

Please give some info on your previous Guilds:
The last guild i was in was Inadequate, i was GM there and also did some flex runs with u back in the days :)
I've been in so many guilds that i could type out, but i think it wouldnt add much more to my apply.
If there are any questions about my past, please feel free to ask me.

What was your reason for leaving them?
I didnt leave, we had some internal in real life problems what brought the guild to the end.
After that i stopped playing.

How long overall have you been playing?
293 days and many more on alts.

Do you also play any alts at a high level?
I got every alt on 90 besides my lock/hunter(85).

Raiding Info
Our raid hours are Thursday, Tuesday and Sunday at 20.00 - 00:00 (GMT+1)
Do you have a microphone and access to Teamspeak 3?
Ofcourse :)

Are you able / confident in English to participate on vent?
Yes i do.

Will you keep up with consumables i.e. flasks/gems/enchants?
Always prepared.

How do you feel about raid rotation / reserve status?
This is a normal thing to do.
Ive been GM/Officer in many guilds so i know what this is good for :)

We may ask you to play a secondary spec at times if need due to the small nature of the guild. Are you ok with this?
Always :) in Inadequate i respecced like 3 times a week just for clearing/progressing on bosses like 3 tanking shamans HC.

Additional Information

Tell us why you play WoW.
I like gaming :D

What sources do you use to keep up to date with WoW?

What do you get out of the Druid spell Symbiosis? How could it be useful in raids?
The thing i mostly grab as a kitty is either Dispersion or Bubble either to clear stacks or to optimize DPS.
As a healer walking TRANQ powers from a Shaman.
As a tank Bone Shield or Feint from a DK/Rogue.

How far along Wrathion's quest chain are you?

If there is anything u want to ask me feel free to send me a PM on the site or in game ;)
Thanks for your time!

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Re: [WoD apply] Softijsje - Druid(any spec)

Postby Asgard » Mon Sep 08, 2014 9:53 pm

Hi there

Just to let you know, we're not accepting new members for places in Warlords just yet. You're welcome to a social rank in the meantime and I'll let you know when applications are being considered.

Please speak to any of our members for a guild invite.
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