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Apply to Legio Excisio here


Postby serda9 » Tue Jul 29, 2014 10:26 pm

Personal Details
Your name: Stefan
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Nationality: Serbia
Occupation: Study
Hobbies / interests: Football.

Character Details
Character Name: Besan
Race: Blood Elf
Class/Role: Mage/Dps
Current Professions: Enchanting / Tailoring
Viable Secondary Specs (Specs you are geared and experienced in): Arcane
Your armory link: ... san/simple

Previous Experience
Detail your raiding experience (expansions, tiers, bosses) TBC From Karazhan to Mount Hyjal, WOTLK Naxx,ToC,Icc. Cata FL and DS full hc, and was casual in BOT and BWD. ToT normal and SoO 12/14hc
Are you able to provide any World of Logs records? ... 353&e=5789
Please give some info on your previous Guilds Infinite loop 12/14hc progress. Infinite 14/14hc progress atm.
What was your reason for leaving them? Loop stopped with raids, and in Infinite was unable to raid anymore.
How long overall have you been playing? about 7year.
Do you also play any alts at a high level? Priest 573ilvl Paladin 584ilvl and Druid 573ilvl

Raiding Info
Our raid hours are Thursday, Tuesday and Sunday at 20.00 - 00:00 (GMT+1)
Do you have a microphone and access to Teamspeak 3? Yes.
Are you able / confident in English to participate on vent? Yes.
Will you keep up with consumables i.e. flasks/gems/enchants? Sure.
How do you feel about raid rotation / reserve status? I am okey with that
We may ask you to play a secondary spec at times if need due to the small nature of the guild. Are you ok with this? Done it in my last guilds and i am fine with that.

Additional Information
Tell us why you play WoW. For fun with friends and cuz i have free time.
What sources do you use to keep up to date with WoW?
What do you get out of the Druid spell Symbiosis? How could it be useful in raids? Healing touch. If i need to heal with my mage i will :).
How far along Wrathion's quest chain are you? Done it few times.
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Re: Mage

Postby Asgard » Tue Jul 29, 2014 11:22 pm

Hello and thanks for applying.

Your gear seems fine and application is well done but just one question.
You mentioned Infinite had reached 14/14, were you raiding on a different character at that point or did you miss out on the Paragon and Garrosh kills?

Either way, please speak to a member of the guild for a guild invite and I'll talk to you ingame when I can.

Application Accepted.
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