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Restoration druid

Apply to Legio Excisio here

Restoration druid

Postby pepsicoss » Wed Jun 18, 2014 5:48 pm

Personal Details
Your name:Sam
Occupation:Studying IT
Hobbies / interests:games,sports at general.

Character Details
Character Name:pepsicoss
Class/Role:restoration - healer
Current Professions:Alchemy-Engineering
Viable Secondary Specs (Specs you are geared and experienced in):got feral pvp os.
Your armory link: ... oss/simple

Previous Experience

Detail your raiding experience (expansions, tiers, bosses)

Are you able to provide any World of Logs records?
Well sadly i dont have any logs,because i did't joined any raiding guilds untill now.

Please give some info on your previous Guilds
None,i joined my last guild for two reasons 1-lvl25. 2- for the spam guild invitation.

What was your reason for leaving them?
i want a good raiding guild,thats all.

How long overall have you been playing?

Do you also play any alts at a high level?
Well i was playing my shaman healer since FL,and now i really get bored after i tried rdruid,and i really likes it so when my guild at doomhammer - alliance stop raiding until WOD i stopped raiding with my shaman and switch to the druid as main and shaman alt,druids are really fun and easy class,and they have the same ilvl . ... ion/simple

Raiding Info
Our raid hours are Thursday, Tuesday and Sunday at 20.00 - 00:00 (GMT+1)
Do you have a microphone and access to Teamspeak 3? Yes.
Are you able / confident in English to participate on vent? Yes.
Will you keep up with consumables i.e. flasks/gems/enchants? i always come ready.
How do you feel about raid rotation / reserve status? no problems at all.
We may ask you to play a secondary spec at times if need due to the small nature of the guild. Are you ok with this?
ofc with no problems.

Additional Information
Tell us why you play WoW.
Raids make me a addicted to play wow every day !!
What sources do you use to keep up to date with WoW?
Patch notes, mmo, noxxic..etc
What do you get out of the Druid spell Symbiosis? How could it be useful in raids?
well shaman spirit walk OP,i can tranq while moving,very good in raids :D.
How far along Wrathion's quest chain are you?
Done !

Re: Restoration druid

Postby elyle » Thu Jun 19, 2014 12:09 pm

Hi , and thank you for the application I'd like to offer you a trial , whisper any guild member online and they will be able to sort and invite for you through one of the officers.

Its been a long time since we had someone from the UAE in the guild , always interesting i have fond memories of a crazy arabic retri/holy paladin :P but i also remember why he had to move on ' time difference was killing him '
Are you sure you are going to be able to commit to our raid times ?

Raiding Thursday, Tuesday and Sunday at 20.00 - 00:00 (GMT+1) which is server time wouldn't that mean finishing at like 2-3 am local time for you ?

Other news
Our Thursday raid isn't going to be happening this week due to world cup related absences.
So raid will be starting as normal on sunday .

elyle - healing officer
Elyle - lyle Healing officer

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