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Veerloren - affli lock, new to TM

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Veerloren - affli lock, new to TM

Postby Veerloren » Mon May 05, 2014 4:59 pm

Personal Details
Your name: Maria
Age: 28
Gender: female
Nationality: Norway
Occupation: working for a little local sports trophy company atm
Hobbies / interests: photography, music, cats :)

Character Details
Character Name: Veerloren
Race: undead
Class/Role: warlock
Current Professions: tailoring/enchanting
Viable Secondary Specs (Specs you are geared and experienced in): affli ms (loving it), destro os (not very experienced but did cms in it)
Your armory link: ... ren/simple

Previous Experience
Detail your raiding experience (expansions, tiers, bosses) been raiding since early wotlk: naxx/ulduar, pretty casual during those, then did 4/5 ToGC and 11/12 hc ICC, in cata cleared whole BwD hc apart from nef and first 2 in BoT while it was current tier (finished it during DS some fights were still tricky :) ), FL i was in a casual guild because i didnt really like it, then 8/8 hc DS. MoP i did full normal t14 while it was current and then cleared hc while it became xrealmable, a few hcs in ToT (cleared hc xrealm again afterwards), atm 3/14 hc in SoO (i know its low but since my guild on vek'nilash fell apart i havent really raided a lot hc since it was a dead realm, i tried moving to stormscale because of a friend but it was too pvp heavy and pretty hard to find guild as lock, so now im here :).
Are you able to provide any World of Logs records? no sorry i dont have WoL
Please give some info on your previous Guilds
been in quite a few, my last one i raided really long with was Happy Ending on veknilash, it disbanded sadly after we did 2/14 hc because leaders lost interest in game.
What was your reason for leaving them? i do normally leave guilds unless i have a reason, i left a few because ppl were rude or not caring about raiding anymore, i also left a few because they fell apart, i would have never left Happy Ending but there was hardly anyone online left in it.
How long overall have you been playing? since 2009
Do you also play any alts at a high level? i played lots of alts in cata but since i have been moving realm, i left most of them behind in MoP. atm i only play my shaman (resto/ele) i have 14/14 normal on. i have 7 90s but none else geared up for SoO. i would like to get back to my hunter at some point but its hard to catch up with gear now so i guess it wont happen before WoD.

Raiding Info
Our raid hours are Thursday, Tuesday and Sunday at 20.00 - 00:00 (GMT+1)
Do you have a microphone and access to Ventrillo (Version 3.0.8)? yes
Are you able / confident in English to participate on vent? yes, i have been learning English nearly all my life and speak it fluently
Will you keep up with consumables i.e. flasks/gems/enchants? ofc
How do you feel about raid rotation / reserve status? i guess you cant avoid it in serious guilds, im fine with itas long as i get the kills :)
We may ask you to play a secondary spec at times if need due to the small nature of the guild. Are you ok with this? i havent had much practice with my destro spec in raids, but can comfortably play it on garrosh, also did 9/9 gold cm in it so i guess i can use it if absolutely needed. im much better as affli though :)

Additional Information
Tell us why you play WoW. for fun mostly. i enjoy raiding and doing achievements, and the social side of wow as well. i have made a lot of friends here.
What sources do you use to keep up to date with WoW? mmo champion, icy veins, fatboss guides, wowhead
What do you get out of the Druid spell Symbiosis? How could it be useful in raids? rejuvenation but other classes benefit more from it as well as druids themselves. i hardly encountered druids casting it on me
How far along Wrathion's quest chain are you? got cloak on 2 chars :)

Thank you for answering the above questions. If there is anything you wish to add, or any questions you want to ask, please type them here.
im not a hardcore player but i want to experience the content as much as i can. im looking for a community with friendly attitude that is dedicated at the same time :) i guess its much to ask but after a really nice talk with Dionycia i sincerely hope i will find it here :)

Thanks again for your application and we shall get back to you shortly.

The Legio Excisio Officer team.
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Re: Veerloren - affli lock, new to TM

Postby Asgard » Mon May 05, 2014 11:24 pm


Thanks for the application, a good read. Based off the armory page and Dionycia's recommendation I have no problem with offering you trial status.
I've also just noticed that the application template is a touch out of date and we have since switched to Teamspeak 3 instead of Ventrillo - I hope this does not cause a problem for you.

Application accepted, please speak to any member for an invite and I'll speak to you ingame soon.
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