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Apply to Legio Excisio here


Postby Boxerpandaren » Fri Jan 10, 2014 11:26 pm

Ok then, main char is monk mw 561 ww565 palying ms healer atm. i have played monk as main char trough whole MoP actively raided trough ToT and SoO, my current personal progress is full normal clear ofc+ 3/14hc, guild have slacked with progressing so friend asked me again to join with y guys for progressing further hc content before next expansion ''Akillá. I am 28y old got little baby atm but im free to play basicly every evening ''both parents'' are home so i got my time also=). My personal opinion is that i can perform pretty well as mw monk.
Link to Armory, probably interested check trough=) ... a/advanced

i believe i could fit pretty well to group if think this guild progress ''current'', and my personal exp

Re: Aplication

Postby Dionycia » Sat Jan 11, 2014 12:08 am

Combining a separate post into the same one. :) Further information in reference to the above application.

OK then refilling some more info.
I'm from finland after transferring tarren mill from karazhan ''it was dead server when i get back to game'' i have raided at distortion+fantastic ten (fantastic ten current). At distortion there came lots of opinion differences about starting hc progress i get demoted and i moved raid elsewhere, at fantastic things go pretty average but too much slacking like never know do we have group or not, thats reason why i seriously started think to apply here.
I have played WoW at catalysm then i was out about 1,5year and started play little after MoP release again. playing WoW cause this is 1 of most awesome games online. Damn there was so many questions at list that dont remeber even half of those=)
Oh about alts i got 5 lvl 90 alts at tarren mill too, 561prot pala-555disc-548 guardian druid 566warlock and just started play again also warrior only 535 atm.
ah, also got legendary cloak 3 of my chars monk ofc (main char) paladin and warrior, (too lazy to get it every char).
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Re: Aplication

Postby elyle » Sat Jan 18, 2014 8:45 pm

Hi, my apologies for taking so long in replying to this application I've been busy with non wow related things.
While i am mildly irked by you not using the format for you application I feel you level of experience and gear fits with our guild and based on your recommendation from Akila i'd like to give you a spot.

I would like to ask though are you ok with also playing wind walker, because there are a lot of two heal fights in HC SSO as well as some 3 or 4 heal ones. So I would definitely be looking for someone with some flexibility and if your ok with this

Contact me in game and we can work something out
elyle - healing officer
Elyle - lyle Healing officer

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